Here is just some selection from our long menu.
Besides the main courses, we offer variety of soups, salads, vegetarian dishes, deli items and delicious homemade desserts.

Bavarian Käs'Pfandl

Cheese spaetzle with deep fried onion and lettuce

Fried pork

Pan fried pork steak (snitzel) with fries and mixed salad.

Bavarian trout

Miller's Bavarian trout with boiled potatoes and parsley.

Grilled platter

pork medallions, pork steak, with grilled sausage,
herbed butter, fries and salad

Schäffler's steak

Roastbeef with fried onion,
butter, baked potatoes and salad

Roasted duck

roasted duck with dumplings and white and red cabbage

Plsner's goulash

Plsner's goulash with dumplings and onion


roasted pork with cabbage and dumplings

Smoked pork

smoked pork neck with cabbage and dumplings

Fried cheese

Deep fried cheese with fries

Of course, we are happy to prepare a child's or a senior portion for you.